Why UX And SEO Are A Perfect Match

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So why are UX and SEO a perfect match?

I have been working in UX (User Experience) for quite some time now and a lot of my Clients are other Businesses, anyone from small to large businesses, sole traders or multi million pound corporations.

Essentially I work with anyone who has a website that is not working for them, as it should be.

I recently was chatting to a company who do SEO and we got on to talking about how UX and SEO fit together so nicely.

Let me explain…

I help improve User Experiences.

SEO Companies help drive traffic.

If you have traffic going to your site and your Website actually ‘works’ (has a fantastic user experience) e.g. it is designed to convert – then you are guaranteed to get results.

A lot of SEO companies will drive traffic to websites that don’t actually convert, which results in the Customer becoming unhappy because they are paying for what they believe is to get traffic to the website, to generate more sales or enquiries.

The Customer who just uses an SEO company, may get some enquiries or sales from the traffic that is being sent to their website. They will be happy with this, until they realise that their money is going nowhere, or they know someone else who is doing better from SEO, so will switch companies and still receive the same problem. What they don’t realise is that it is NOT the SEO company who are at fault, it is their User Experience that is poor.

Now what if, UX and SEO Companies collaborated, to provide their Customers with the best possible service? Not only will the UX and SEO company be happy for the reciprocated work, but the Client will be too!


Because they are getting real results.

Which then leads to them telling their friends and family, work colleagues and so on and this is how we start generating more referrals and getting and “keeping” Clients on retention.


Who would have thought?




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