How I Love Starbucks… But Not Their Service.

I’ve always been a huge lover of Starbucks but I’ve always had bad customer service at Starbucks,

I once had a major addiction go their Caramel Macchiatos that anytime I passed I would grab one.

I’d have one every day after my gym workout and I even used to wake up early hours of the morning and go through the drive-through to get my fix.

I’m not even joking!

There’s something about their thick and creamy lattes that make me want more.

Ever since I was diagnosed with Reactive Hypoglycaemia I couldn’t have them a note, so I’ve moved on to peppermint tea but for me, the most frustrating thing is I loved the sweetness.

I also don’t have caffeine so anything I have has to be zero sugar and caffeine free. Exciting I know?

So every time they bring out a new product I’m really excited to learn if it’s something I can have.

Today I went to Starbucks and saw their new Tea Lattes which look like the healthy option I’ve been looking for. I can also switch to almond milk to be even healthier.

So far so good!

I then asked if they had caffeine in and the girl was like “I don’t think so..” looked on the packet and said, “Probably not”. I asked to also look on the packet and it said 100% green tea (which is usually full of caffeine).

At this point for me getting the shakes and feeling sick wasn’t worth the risk of her uncertainty, she also didn’t seem overly happy for me to be asking so many questions on a Sunday morning.

I went to another Starbucks and asked the same question and nobody knew?

So for me, this was a poor experience that could have easily been solved if training was in place for new products. Starbucks staff need to know the products inside and out.

If it’s caffeine-fueled and they told me – I’m happy, my question was answered (although I’ll still secretly wish they brought out caffeine free versions!)

This is something every shop selling to the public needs to know, your staff should be the source of all knowledge. If your staff don’t know the answer, who will?

If I receive good customer experience then I’ll spread the word.

If I don’t, I will tell people how dissatisfied I am. Both options affect the company in a positive or negative manner.

So Starbucks, I still am none the wiser – are your Tea Lattes caffeine free?

Does anyone else find when they visit certain stores you just don’t get the answers you want? Has anyone else had bad customer service at Starbucks?

Let’s start improving customer experience by becoming knowledge banks of our products. One company who does this exceptionally well – is Apple.


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