How to improve Customer Loyalty

So you are interested in increasing your Customer Loyalty and creating a customer loyalty model?

What does this actually mean?

Well, we want our Customers not just to buy from us now and again, we want consistency.

We want them to pick us – before even considering any other Businesses.

We want their loyalty.

It’s a little bit like a relationship, you don’t want to be with someone who is playing the field, we want them to be solely interested in us, and us only. Right?

It’s the same in business.

But how do we do this? How do we keep them coming back for more? How do we make them want us?

It’s easy. Give them a reason to come back.

Some companies do this really well like by offering a loyalty scheme. For instance shops like Costa Coffee you can collect stamps for every coffee you buy and after so many, you get one free!

Another great way is if your customer makes a purchase from you, offering them 10% off their next visit, or £5 off will make them consider using you again, before going elsewhere.

These are great ideas for if you have a “product” you are selling and there is a demand for it.

But, what if we are selling a service, that is more of a yearly purchase or an upgrade oppose to a weekly essential?

For example, we don’t need to buy websites every week, we don’t need a new car every month and we don’t buy a house every year!

This is tricker but you can still achieve customer loyalty.

Consider this – what would make “you” buy from a company like yours again?

I believe in these cases we need to be considering providing an exceptional service for them to remember so they return to us later down the line, if you want to be memorable you need to think of ways to do this.

Firstly, I would ask them if they would like to sign up to your email campaign, constantly being in touch and providing free advice and knowledge is a great way to keep your customers at the forefront of their mind.

I would then look at incentives throughout the year, special offers and things like courtesy calls can be a great way of keeping in touch.

For example, if I have a client who has just finished their website with me, I could look at a few months down the line checking in to see how it’s performing, offer them some free tips and advice to improve it…

Reciprocation is huge is business.

It’s proven people feel almost obliged to return a favour (to buy something) if you offer something for free.

Imagine you are doing this throughout the year, of course, they are going to buy from you again!

A Customer Loyalty model doesn’t have to be difficult or take you hours and hours to implement.

Come up with a simple strange that works.

It’s also proven those that implement a customer loyalty strategy, will improve Customer Experience which will increase your business profit.

Something to think about, hey?

What do you currently do to increase customer loyalty?

Do you have a Customer Loyalty Model?

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