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Recruitment and User Experience…

I got the motivation to write this blog post from an extremely poor Linkedin post for a job I have just seen.

The person on Linkedin was recruiting for a Professional User Experience Designer.

All they put was “Looking for a User Experience Designer, Central Manchester to start ASAP.”

Well, i don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t even entertain this.

If I went on eBay and was going to buy a car and it said “Red Car, 4 Wheels, Birmingham” do you think i’d buy it? No way! My trust is immediately broken.

I want to give you an insight from my perspective, as a User Experience Designer.

I am visual and I like things easy.

This is what I do.

The post should be visually attractive and it should contain a link to the full job description on your website.

From here I should be able to simply apply and find out all of the information that I need to know without having to ask a zillion questions.

As a User Experience Designer, we only want to work with people who provide a good User Experience for us. It is what we are used to.

This is what we do.

Creating an exciting User Experience for potential candidates will generate more interest in your job post.

I see so many job posts and forms on websites which are tedious and no matter how desperate I am for work, if it takes me more than 2 minutes to complete – I will give up.

Unfortunately, this is the mindset of many.

If you are struggle to get EXCEPTIONAL candidates, please take note.

Excite me, make me WANT to spend 15 minutes selling myself to you.

Make it easy for me to do this!

If I can upload my CV by signing in with Linkedin, this makes things easy for me. I don’t have to attempt to find my CV online, I don’t have to worry about missing information out.

You will get more applicants if you consider the User Experience of your website.

If you are going to allow a User Experience Designer to send you their Portfolio allow them to send it to you as a PDF or paste a URL.

I have had to attempt to convert my portfolio to a Word Document many times and the result is awful.

I’m a Designer, I can’t remember the last time I used word!

What will your Client think of me as a User Experience Expert with a Word File Portfolio?

I know what I would think, if I was the Client.


Above is a great example of how an Upload CV feature could look. They allow all file types and the ability to access via Dropbox or Google Drive, saving ample of time!!

Keep a look out for my next blog post for Recruitment and User Experience..

Until next time…….

Love, Claire xx

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