My Journey so far…

My journey so far has been about exploration and really digging deep to see how I can make a difference to Businesses. I enjoy what I do. I listen and will show you passion when we work together, in return your Customer’s will show you loyalty and leave you positive reviews. Imagine not only increasing your sales, but your profits too? You will learn that Return on Investment is easy with my help, because I understand what your Customer’s need.

I have 10 years of expertise studying not only Human Behaviour, but NLP, EFT, User Experience and Service Design with all intentions to transform Businesses by helping them increasing Customer Satisfaction. My team have a combined knowledge of over 60 years of experience and are ready and waiting to listen to how we can help you, by showing you the best methods and practices to achieve your goals.

I have always been creative, I got an A* in Graphic Design and left university with a Bachelor of Arts, I also enhance my knowledge regularly through networking, seminars, courses and training. I setup my own business when I was 20 and I’ve never looked back, I was a finalist for Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013 and I’ve now got many small and large brands on my book, who refer me. I practice what I preach, so if you want the same luxury for your Company, feel free to get in touch..

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Off Peak Week

More positive reviews by improving the Experience

Jet2 Case Study

More Customer referrals by making the flight selection process easier.

ITC Luxury Travel

Helping increase profits through Customer Experience


I helped increase conversion rates in just 10 days.

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90 Days Challenge: I help Businesses Grow by solving real digital problems and delivering results. My 90 Day Challenge will unlock your potential to creating the Business you have always desired.

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