How do you like to be served?

I went shopping over the weekend and every shop I went into the asked, “How are you, is there anything you are looking for in particular?” or “What special item are you looking for today?”

For me, personally, I don’t like to be asked these questions. As I find them too pushy, I like to browse and if I get stuck or need something I’ll ask.

I think what I don’t like the most is sometimes I just don’t know if they will have something I like. For example, if I go in a shoe shop and say I did engage in conversation about what I’m looking for, they are going to try and sell me something they a) may be out of my price range or b) something I don’t like – then we have that awkward conversation.

How I’d prefer it is a friendly “hello!” or “hey, let me know if you need any help” instead of the direct questions.

I can then browse around freely and ask if I need any help.

I know their job is to sell.

I was a sales assistant for 6 years whilst studying at sixth form and university in a high-end jeweller – but I was never pushy.

I think the key is to make someone feel comfortable in your shop and then that leaves room for conversation later.

What are your thoughts on how you like to be served?

Do you agree or disagree?



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